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Home Resources Articles Article: Are you HR compliant?

Article: Are you HR compliant?

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Humans Resources (HR) and Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) are areas of every business that require regular attention to ensure compliance with workplace laws. It can be difficult for business owners to find the time to run their business as well as keep abreast of their obligations. However, given the lack of leniency provided to businesses that are noncompliant, it is important that employers are extra vigilant.

Payroll in particular is one of the largest items for businesses to concern themselves with. It is now more important than ever to ensure you are effectively managing Fair Work compliance obligations within your business. The Fair Work Ombudsman has put all Directors on notice that they may be held personally responsible for non-compliance with the Fair Work Act 2009. This means ensuring that your managers, payroll officer and those you trust to effectively manage your Fair Work obligations are in fact doing just that. If your company fails to comply with the Fair Work compliance obligations, as a Director you could be personally held accountable and face a hefty fine.

In a recent case, a company was found to have underpaid two employees by a total of $21,000, and a corporate penalty of $148,000 was imposed on the company. However, in addition to this, the Fair Work Ombudsman imposed an additional personal fine on the company’s director of $29,700! For more details on this case, click here. The Fair Work Ombudsman has made it very clear that lack of awareness will not be accepted as a defence if an employer is found to be in breach of their legal obligations. Other risks of noncompliance, beyond hefty fines, can include ongoing legal and investigative costs, loss of productivity, business interruption, increased insurance premiums, decreased worker morale, poor reputation and even jail. To find out more about the government requirements, click here.

It is important all employers have up-to-date employment contracts in place for all employees that include reference to the correct Modern Award and your company is fully compliant with the 10 new National Employment Standards that commenced on 1 January 2010.

If you require assistance with your payroll, or meeting any other HR and OH&S compliance requirements, Plenty Systems can help. We can assist with both one-off and long-term services including:

• Fair Work and legislative advice

• Strategic human resourcing

• Job analysis and job designs

• Recruitment and selection programs

• Salary packaging and benchmarking

• Induction and mentoring programs

• Performance management programs

• Tailored training packages

• HR/IR help desk

• Payroll services

Additional services include one of our HR executives auditing your existing human resources and occupational health and safety (OH&S) processes, and document our findings for as little as $2,750 (excl. GST). Alternatively, for companies who require both an analysis of their existing systems and the creation of a complete and compliant HR and OH&S package, we can design and document a solution tailored for your company from $3,800 (excl. GST). Contact us now to find out more, or click here.


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